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Don DeWitt



Don is a child of the Nintendo Generation. He was raised on a diet of video games from Mario to Call of Duty, Final Fantasy to Double Dragon and everything in between. His father got him his first ever gaming console, an original NES, when he was just a kid and after his father, passed away Don's prevalent memory of his departed father was playing video games with him as a kid.


Since then he's grown up with his left thumb on a directional pad and his right thumb on the A button. Always so involved in gaming that he neglected the outside world, never realised the potential he had to be somebody and slowly started to feel like an outcast. Even his favourite social spot is a Gamer Bar in his home city of London.

When Don one day finds a magical disc that pulls him into an alternate reality where the video games are real life. At first this could be a dream come true for Don, he's now standing in the worlds that he could only explore through a television screen before... but soon he realises this is far from a dream-scenario, because if he is killed now, it truly is Game Over.

He must learn how to fight to stay alive in a First Person Shooter, learn how to street-fight thugs in a Beat 'Em Up. Take up sword and spell against mythical beasts in an RPG. And face his childhood fears of being trapped and alone in a Survival Horror. 



Petros L. Ioannou is from London, UK. Growing up his primary acting experience was in the theatre but has since gone on to act in various films and television productions. Outside of MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME, in the web world he guest starred in another video game based web production, VGHS: Video Game High School. He recently won the award for Best Unproduced Feature Film Script at the St. Tropez Film Festival for his screenplay "Red Sun". Petros is also the writer, creator and producer of MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME.

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