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Kera Althorn


´╗┐Princess Kera of the House Althorn, only child of the Emperor of the Great Interstellar Althorn Empire, is a young woman who as her title would suggest had everything. She was always taken care of, never had to lift a finger to do anything . But it wasn't to last...

When a military coup broke out led by the brutal General Atticus Dynas and Kera's family was overthrown and killed     




Kera was thrown into a prison cell. Kera wasn't going to take this lying down though. She might not have been active in the past but she was sure as hell going to do something about it now.
Kera breaks out of prison using the help of her family's personal M.E.N.U, a sentient super-computer, and steals an old ambassadorial ship called "The Fortress" and flies away. Kera remembers one thing, the story of the Grand Champion, who united all the video game heroes once to combat an impossible threat. She now travels from world to world seeking alliances with the Champions to take back her throne as she truly becomes a self-sufficient soldier.

She develops a relationship with Don, as they help each other and one day. Don tells her of how his own parents who lived a peaceful life in the Cyprus town of Famagusta were displaced from their home by an invasion relating it to how she was displaced by the military coup.Together Don and Kera help each other grow and overcome their fears. Only time will tell if this relationship blossoms into something more.



Jennifer Polansky is an actress from Toronto, Canada who now works bi-costal in Los Angeles and New York. Jennifer has been in numerous film, TV and web productions. Including Neverlost, which won the audience award at the Fantasia Film Fest, The Pedestrian Jar and 2012: The Web Series.

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