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The Multi-Electrical Networked User System is a highly sophisticated sentient super-computer that can process at twenty-trillion petaflops and contains virtually the entire database of the Althorn Empire stored in it's drives, yet still finds the time to make the occasional sarcastic remark, witty retort and highly-refined dick, butt or fart joke.

Loyal to Kera's family, Menu was a super computer designed

designed to make their lives easier, and while in most science fiction that means he's going to turn evil, Menu is quite the opposite. In fact when everyone turned against the Royal Family, Menu stuck with Kera and now aids her on her quest to bring down her father's murderer.

Menu often appears as a floating head and hands on a screen, be it on the ship The Fortress, or on Kera and Don's wrist mounted portable system. He acts as an interface helping the heroes to communicate and is always on hand with a wise-crack or two or six.



Brent Black is primarily known for his singer / songwriter talents on YouTube as "brentalfloss" often taking video game music and adding Lyrics to it such as "Tetris WITH LYRICS" and "Zelda WITH LYRICS". Brent is a very talented individual who in additional to creating 100 episodes of his web comic "brentalfloss: the comic", he has put on a number of off-broadway productions as a writer.

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